Working together for impact



“The relaunch had strong commitment and featured a range of activities. The outcomes were clearly demonstrated.”


  • With workplace giving participation stabilised at around 40 – 55%, law firm King & Wood Mallesons recognised that its 17 year old program was in need of a refresh.
  • The number of charities was trimmed from 48 to 22 to increase impact, a new name (DigDeep) and logo was developed and a stretch target of 75% participation by 2020 was set.
  • The relaunch plan had clearly defined objectives, a dedicated budget and involved substantial consultation with stakeholders to ensure support.
  • The team delivered a captivating and memorable campaign over two weeks, including desk drops, emails and videos all featuring the message “Impact. Together We Can.”
  • The highlight was a gallery event in each office featuring large images from core community partners. Each picture was accompanied by a 60 second audio which staff could listen to, via their own mobile device, to learn about the charity and how KWM supports it, plus make a donation.
  • The CEO showed significant support, distributing a relaunch video email to staff (viewed by 77% of recipients) and personally greeting staff at the door of events.
  • The firm capitalised on the reignited interest in the program with another participation drive during Anti-Poverty Week in October which resulted in a 10.8% increase of regular donors.


  • Workplace giving participation: 47% of 1,537 staff (at 30/06/18)
  • Program commenced 17 years ago
  • 700 event attendees; 520 audio portal users
  • 7% increase in participation