Woodside Energy


Woodside’s commitment to volunteering – for their own people and beyond across WA – is commendable and make this a stand out entry


  • Employee volunteering program commenced in 2005
  • One of the first corporate organisations in Australia to offer paid volunteer leave
  • Over the past 10 years, employees have volunteered over 80,000 hours to more than 173 organisations
  • Throughout the pandemic 30% of Woodside Energy’s employee participated in workplace volunteering (~50% in an average year)
  • In 2020, contributed $350,000 from its Covid-19 Community Fund towards improving digital solutions for volunteering across WA
  • 100% of partner organisations reported that the assistance of a skilled volunteer was of great value to their organisation


With over 3,700 employees, Woodside Energy is Australia’s leading natural gas operator and recognised for world class capabilities as an integrated upstream supplier of energy.

Through skills-based volunteering, Woodside Energy professionals give their time and expertise to specific projects.  Skills-based volunteering directly contributes to community organisations’ growth and capability. The workplace volunteering program is part of Woodside’s broader commitment to social contribution.

Woodside Energy utilises a dedicated employee volunteering portal, allowing employees to select from team and skills-based opportunities that align with their interests and values, which are then matched to community needs.

Every year the company participates in National Volunteer Week by running an internal and external campaign to promote and increase participation in its volunteer program. Various activities are hosted throughout the week including:

  • Showcasing employee-led volunteer initiatives such as their STEM in Schools program and their blood donation drives
  • Executive participation in volunteering opportunities, in collaboration with other members of the WA Corporate Volunteering Council