Getting Started

Whether you’re setting up your workplace giving program for the first time or overhauling an existing one, we want the process to be uncomplicated and manageable. That’s why we’ve created a toolkit of resources to help you along the way.

  • Get Ready
    When it comes to workplace giving, there is no one-size-fits-all program. Download our project plan and follow the simple steps to setting up the right program for your organisation.
  • Create a campaign
    Hear about the innovative workplace giving campaigns being adopted by organisations across Australia through our success stories.
  • Get payroll on board
    Download our practical tools to manage charity details and to track staff donations and see how simple a program can be for payroll.
  • Invite staff to join
    Get staff involved from the start. Use our template to send out a staff survey to gain insights into the social causes and charities your employees are passionate about, recruit volunteers and ‘champions’ – employees who are keen to help develop and promote your program internally.
  • Launch your program
    Organise a campaign event or launch party to kick-off your workplace giving program with the bang it deserves! And remember – 95 per cent of employees think giving should start from the top with CEOs and managers leading by example. Our brochure and poster templates will make things easy.
  • Keep staff engaged
    Like most things, workplace giving programs need regular attention to help them flourish. Keep your program fresh and tap into Workplace Giving Month each June to keep staff motivated and help reach the goal of One Million Donors giving to charity through their workplace.

The Workplace Giving Toolkit

Why Join One Million Donors

A quick one page overview on why organisations should join the One Million Donors Movement.

Download resource

DIY Guide to WPG

A guide for small/medium businesses for setting up a giving program for the first time or refreshing an existing one.

Download resource

Workplace Giving Month – Free Campaign Pack

TV commercial, posters, social posts, email templates and more to help you celebrate your Workplace Giving achievements this June.
Download Now

Shift Culture: Create social impact through workplace giving

Award winners share how workplace giving has empowered employees with purpose and offered exceptional support to their charity partners.
Learn More

Turbo-Charge Your WPG Participation

Learn how leading employers have introduced an ‘opt-out’ approach to WPG and seen their participation skyrocket.

Learn More

Matching Up

Learn the different ways your organisation can match donations so that business and staff are giving together.

Download resource

Get Ready – DIY Project Plan

When it comes to Workplace Giving, there is no one-size-fits-all program. Follow our simple steps to setting up the right program for you.
Download resource

Choose your Charities

Use our charity selection matrix to select the charities that fit best with your organisation and are most relevant to your staff.

Download resource

Get Staff on Board

Send out this staff survey to gain insights into the social causes your employees are passionate about – and recruit volunteers.
Download resource

Pay it Forward

Our charity contact and bank details form makes it easy for payroll to manage information about charity partners
Download resource

Track Staff Donations

Our simple form allows employees to select a donation amount to be deducted each pay cycle.

Download resource

Build a Brochure

Use our suggested copy to make your own Workplace Giving brochure.

Download resource

Create a Poster

Creating a Workplace Giving poster like this one will assist in building staff participation.

Download resource

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to all your questions on privacy, tax and the benefits of Workplace Giving.

Download resource

Charity Feedback Brief

Use this form to communicate with charities and keep track of how your donations are being used.
Download resource

Tax Benefits of Workplace Giving

Use this diagram to illustrate the tax benefits of Workplace Giving to your staff.

Download resource

Benefits of Workplace Giving for Employers

A great resource to share with your Employer.

Download resource

Payroll Processing Map

Download the payroll processing roadmap and donation form.
Download resource
“For me it’s really a no-brainer... if you set it up correctly it’s almost self-propelling. You can’t put a price on that.”
Jay Hinton, General Manager Store Operations, JB Hi-Fi
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