The Smart Way to Donate

Workplace giving is the most simple and cost effective way to donate to the causes you care about. Donations come straight out of your pre-tax pay making it a straight-forward approach, plus you’ll receive an immediate tax benefit rather than having to wait until the end of financial year. Check out our diagram that explains how.

Workplace giving minimises administration costs for the charity, allowing it to commit to long-term programs, and ensures the funds go straight to where they’re needed. Not to mention the sense of pride and meaningfulness you will feel knowing you and your colleagues are working together to support important causes. Hear directly from JB H-Fi staff about why they love their workplace giving program and read our blogpost Five Reasons Why Workplace Giving is Better.

Check with your employer as to whether they offer workplace giving (also known as ‘Pre-Tax Payroll Giving’).

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Be the Champion for Change your Organisation Needs

If your employer doesn’t offer workplace giving, we are here to help you kickstart it in your organisation. Below we’ve outlined the benefits to your employer to show how effective and easy it can be! Having the right program leads to greater staff engagement, retention and productivity, and instills a sense of pride in employees – what’s not to love?

Benefits to Employers

Studies show that workplace giving attracts talent to the organisation, and helps to retain staff as they feel more engaged with an employer who clearly demonstrates that they have a broader role to play in the community in which they operate.  Performance will inevitably improve with an engaged workforce and your organisation will be viewed more favourably.

Employee Recruitment and Retention

40% of employees with lower levels of engagement are likely to leave their employer within the next two years.[1]

Studies show that organisations with high employee engagement experience significant benefits across a range of business indicators. Highly engaged employees are less likely to leave the organisation. Workforce stability contributes to customer retention, enhanced reputation, the preservation of valuable corporate knowledge, improved organisational performance and a significant reduction in employee turnover costs.

Improved business performance

Organisations with high employee engagement experience 2.5 times greater revenue growth than those organisations with low employee engagement and have reported profitability up to 16% higher than average.[2]

When employees were given a social incentive such as having a charitable donation linked to their job, performance increased by an average of 13 per cent, rising to 30 per cent among those who were initially the least productive.[3] Payroll giving initiatives also improve public perception of an organisation, attracting publicity and positive media attention, and creating trust and goodwill for the brand.

It’s simple

The process of setting up a workplace giving program is most likely simpler than you think. In fact, all modern payroll systems can facilitate a workplace giving program. The Australian Tax Office has provided this helpful checklist to help your business get your program started.

Reassure your colleagues that workplace giving does not affect an employee’s superannuation or payroll tax calculations and is not counted as a fringe benefit. A workplace giving donation reduces the donor’s PAYG liability but it does not decrease their gross income.

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