King & Wood Mallesons


A fantastic program that demonstrates leadership and alignment to strategic goals, offering embedded pro-bono and skilled volunteering opportunities.  KWM has a bold and aspirational stretch targets for workplace giving participation.


  • 51 % of staff participate in the KWM workplace giving program, Dig Deep
  • The program is a core part of the firm’s strategy to deliver measurable social impact toward reducing inequality and poverty
  • Over $14m has been donated since WPG was launched in 2001
  • WPG is deeply embedded in KWM’s social impact strategy and receives strong support at the firm’s most senior levels
  • In addition, a new record participation level was set with 91% of staff donating 54,273 pro bono legal hours, valued at $14.3m


KWM is a global top-tier law firm headquartered in Asia. The Australian division employs 1579 staff across five states and territories. The firm’s social impact goal is to reduce inequality and poverty among young people, especially First Nations young people.

The social impact of Dig Deep at KWM is guided by the Outcomes Framework that maps the progress of the partner organisations to achieve structural, systemic and sustainable change toward equality and poverty reduction.

A central group of staff oversee Dig Deep, and each strategic community partner has assigned contacts to assist in building the relationship. The firm regularly reviews the Framework, the goals and targets, and finding new ways to engage staff, community partners, and clients.

The firm ran three national fundraisers that include the Final Hour appeal and ‘one off’ appeals) via Dig Deep raising more than $103k for seven organisations including three new charity partners that were appointed in 2021.

The firm respects and celebrates the contribution of its staff in both donating to WPG and sharing the skills, experience and passion through pro bono and volunteering.  The focus on communications to help raise awareness, knowledge and engagement has helped KWM achieve another record level of participation for 2021 and set a stretch target of 75% participation in 2022.  Each year, the Chief Executive Partner and Head of Program write to say thank you to all staff for their participation and contribution.

Senior leaders take on the role as program ambassadors and regularly feature in the communications and marketing that help build awareness and participation. Dig Deep is a feature of all new starter induction presentations and onboarding kits.

Since 2001, KWM has offered workplace giving to staff. Over the past 20 years, the program has evolved and been recognised as a key pillar of the firm’s impressive social impact strategy. Participation has grown each year from 2% in 2001 to 51% in 2021.