The Smith Family: Every dollar can make a difference

Dr Lisa O’Brien, CEO of The Smith Family knows how far small change can go. The donations the organisation receives through Workplace Giving make a difference to children’s lives all over Australia.

“Small regular gifts have a cumulative effect – even a couple of dollars a week adds up. For example, for less than $1.60 a day a donor can support the education of a disadvantaged child through The Smith Family. “It is this type of regular giving that helps to build a sustainable funding base for charities,” Dr O’Brien says

The Smith Family works to create a better future for young Australians by stepping in and supporting them during their school years. “Funds from Workplace Giving go towards supporting children on The Smith Family’s Learning for Life program. The children we help are highly disadvantaged but with the extra support and programs we provide they’re able to stay motivated and engaged at school.”

Lisa O'Brien at a Learning Club - 4

Benefits for Business

And the benefits don’t stop there. For businesses, a Workplace Giving program can improve organisational culture and contribute to staff engagement through regular giving and meaningful volunteering opportunities. Connecting employees with a cause adds to the employee’s purpose and meaning.

Corporates with charity partnerships are in a great position to demonstrate what being a good corporate citizen means. In return, the perception the public holds of the company will undoubtedly increase. The research is showing that this is particularly pertinent for millennials – they want to work for and buy from good corporate citizens.

Dr Lisa O’Brien, CEO, The Smith Family

If one million Australians donated through Workplace Giving, it would generate $250 million a year going directly to charity. That kind of funding would bring The Smith Family closer to closing the gap between the 125,000 children and families they currently support and the 638,000 children (1 in 10 children in Australia[1]) who grow up in a financially disadvantaged family.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for a Workplace Giving program today.

[1] Australian Bureau of Statistics (2013) Labour Force Australia: Labour force status and other characteristics of families, June 2012