Deloitte Australia


Good participation rate, commitment via Steering Committee, deliberate and intentional response to COVID, and gave data for results.”


  •  5,027 staff participated in the FY2020 Impact Day (out of 9000 staff)
  • The Accelerate program delivers skills workshops for nonprofits
  • The FY20 community contribution of $31m included $11.76m pro bono, $16.1m skilled and traditional volunteering ($10.32m skilled, $5.78m traditional), $1.73m in donations, dollar matching and support
  • Deloitte’s total bushfire response amounted to more than $3 million of in-kind, commercial and volunteering support, including more than $500,000 in pro bono services
  • The firm was able to coordinate their efforts and work
    across federal and state government agencies


  • Their five-pillar Social Impact Program includes: Pro Bono projects, Local Signature (special one-off events), Mentoring, Crisis Response and Impact Accelerate. Impact Day is a feature event that encourages employees to access their one day of paid leave to make an impact in the community.
  • The firm-wide crisis response has enabled their people to use their time and expertise to help on the frontline of bushfires, COVID, floods and other disasters.
  • A Steering Committee of key leaders in the firm was established to coordinate the bushfire response and work at national, state and local levels to target effort according to the areas of greatest need.
  • Deloitte’s Bushfire Support Finder helped those affected to understand the grants and other assistance opportunities available to individuals, businesses and communities. Deloitte prioritised its efforts based on community advice.
  • Impact Day 2019 was their biggest ever with more than 5000 of their people at 500 events. Many Impact Day events focused on education, employment and opportunity. Climate change related events were also on the list of charity causes in which their people were passionately engaged.
  • During Workplace Giving Month, Deloitte held a series of highly popular charity Zoom events in which members of their family of charities – OzHarvest, The Smith Family, Many Rivers, The Garvan Institute and BeyondBlue – presented their on-the-ground experiences of the
    pandemic in Australia.
  • Deloitte global disaster recovery experts and former US FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) worked closely with the National Bushfire Recovery Agency to help define and roll out the response. They committed to auditing the Australian Red Cross Disaster Relief & Recovery Fund; auditing Fire Fight Australia, a national concert for bushfire relief attended by 70,000+ people that raised over $9m for bushfire relief and providing tax and legal assistance to Andrew Forrest’s Minderoo Foundation’s $70m donation to the bushfire relief fund.