Commonwealth Bank: A True Partnership Between Company and Staff

For the Commonwealth Bank, Workplace Giving is almost as well-established as the bank itself – and ingrained in the company’s ethos. “Our Staff Community Fund has been contributing to the Bank’s culture since it started in 1917,” says Troy Longworth, manager of the Staff Community Fund. “The Commonwealth Bank’s culture is one to be proud of and our workplace giving program is an important part of that.”

Be part of something bigger

Troy believes the Workplace Giving program is a win-win-win situation for the organisation, its employees and the causes they support. “Employees are a lot more conscious of working for an organisation that is aligned to their values. The Fund allows us to be part of the community, not just be a business in a community. It allows 13,000 staff to be part of something bigger and to make a huge collective impact on the health and wellbeing of Australian children,” he says.

The advantages are felt when recruiting new staff too: “We know that staff judge employers against other companies and expect them to be part of a sustainable future.”

Our Workplace Giving program is a true partnership: every dollar our staff donate is matched by the Bank.

Troy Longworth, Staff Community Fund Manager, Commonwealth Bank

Tips for a successful program

So what advice does this industry leader have for other businesses interested in setting up a workplace-giving program? “Make it easy for staff to join, even by inviting them to join Workplace Giving in their employment contract. Donors should be aware of the impact of their donation and receive regular information on what they are supporting. It’s important to have a senior leader as a champion of the program.”

Commbank Community Fund

Through Workplace Giving, the Commonwealth Bank’s Staff Community Fund donates over $2 million in grants each year to community groups supporting the health and wellbeing of Australian children.