BHP Billiton’s: Double Matching Bolsters Workplace Giving

From the Judges “BHP’s double-matching is a real WOW factor!”

BHP Billiton’s Matched Giving Program makes a strong impact on charitable donations by double matching employee contributions – for every dollar an employee donates, BHP Billiton donates two more.  The program runs globally, encouraging Workplace Giving among the resources company’s employees throughout the world including Australia, USA, UK, Canada, South America and Asia.

BHP Billiton’s Matched Giving Program has a focus on being flexible and open, giving employees the choice to donate to any charity that delivers inclusive community initiatives.  There are currently 1,200 approved organisations in the program and new organisations are nominated every week.  A strong governance framework ensures that only eligible charities and claims are processed, keeping BHP Billiton within its legal obligations and managing program risks.

In the last financial year, 7,569 BHP Billiton employees donated a total of $7.3 million to 761 organisations.  Over the course of the year there was a 21% increase in employee participation and an 8% increase in donations, which is largely attributed to the simplification of processes and improved communication.

BHP Billiton employees in Australia enthusiastically participated in Movember 2015, raising $225,000, which was further supported through a donation of $68,387 through employee Matched Giving claims.

BHP Billiton demonstrates a strong commitment to Workplace Giving not only in double matching contributions, but also in covering the cost of resources required to manage the program.  A team of 17 coordinators, located in Assets around the world, provide local support for the program and there is a partnership with technology platform Cybergrants to assist employees and charities to manage information and claims.

More than a quarter of BHP Billiton employees contribute to the Matched Giving Program, with the strong participation rate achieved through promoting it across multiple company communication channels and providing a globally accessible platform for employees no matter their location, roster or role.