BHP Billiton’s: Double Matching Bolsters Workplace Giving

From the Judges “BHP’s double-matching is a real WOW factor!”

BHP’s Matched Giving Program makes a strong impact on charitable donations by double matching employee contributions – for every dollar an employee donates, BHP donates two more.  The program runs globally, encouraging Workplace Giving among the company’s employees throughout the world including Australia, USA, UK, Canada, South America and Asia.

BHP’s Matched Giving Program implemented some key changes in 2018 including establishing a list of  fifty eligible organisations for matching, with all official chapters of each of those fifty also eligible. The changes were made in line with their employee giving habits, with over 70% of all employees who used the program donating at least once to one of only 40 orgnisations giving them a strong foundation for the new model. A strong governance framework ensures that only eligible charities and claims are processed, keeping BHP within its legal obligations and managing program risks.

In FY2018, more than 2,420 BHP employees participated in their Matched Giving Program, with support provided to 372 not-for-profit organisations. In total, these organisations received US$3.70 million through the Program.

BHP demonstrates a strong commitment to Workplace Giving not only in double matching contributions, but also in covering the cost of resources required to manage the program.  A team of 14 BHP coordinators, located at their various locations around the world, provide local support for the program and employees. The program is facilitated by US based company CyberGrants, in partnership with Universal Giving who manage due diligence and vetting, to assist employees and charities to manage information and claims all over the world. With the majority of their employees based on site and out in the field with no computer access, their technology is mobile accessible from home or work making it easy to use and encouraging participation.