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Want your Workplace Giving (WPG) program participation to skyrocket in 2018?
Then don’t miss this ground-breaking free event:

Turbo-Charge Workplace Giving – A Small Change for Big Results

Leading employers come to together to share how an ‘opt-out’ approach to WPG delivers significant results.

This thought-provoking event will:

  • Challenge pre-conceptions about how to achieve WPG success.
  • Share innovations that have delivered double-digit growth in Award winning WPG programs – 5% to 48% participation in just 6-months!
  • Demonstrate how to shift your WPG focus – away from generating sign-ups to celebrating community impact.

Who Should Attend
CSR and HR professionals, as well as other executives responsible for WPG.

What is ‘opt-out’?
The traditional model describes when employees are automatically enrolled into a WPG program, with a modest donation deducted per pay. The process can only apply to new employees and it is clearly communicated that they may choose to opt-out at any time. As more employers embrace ‘opt-out’, the model is evolving and this event will showcase a number of different approaches.

About the Organiser
The Australian Charities Fund is committed to WPG growth in all its forms. The organisation spearheads the industry campaign to see one million Australians giving through the workplace. More: 1MDonors.org.au and australiancharitiesfund.org.au

ACF acknowledges PwC’s generosity in hosting the event.