A huge success

The Australia Charities Fund held Turbo-Charge Workplace Giving events, in Sydney and Melbourne during April. The events were hosted at PwC. Attendees came from private enterprise, charities and government departments to learn more about how to rapidly increase participation in Workplace Giving programs.

Presenters from Bain & Company, Commonwealth Bank and The Good Guys shared their experiences and insights. Bain & Company and CommBank have both taken a traditional approach to ‘opt-out’ by automatically including new staff in their programs, whereas The Good Guys have taken the principles of this idea and evolved a new model. All have achieved significant growth in program participation.

To learn more about each company’s approach, visit: https://www.1mdonors.org.au/turbo-charge-participation-with-opt-out/

Some of feedback we received about the events and Opt-Out for Workplace Giving:

“It was informative and enjoyable. Thanks so much.”

“I just wanted to say what a professional, well organised and relevant event it was. I had not heard of the ‘Opt-Out’ clause before so I see immediate potential as we have an active hiring program. Thank you for the inspiration and hard work in making the morning a success.”