Catholic Church Insurance


Encouraging to see some real element of impact reporting emerging and a program that is only a year old showing good rates of participation.


  • 300+ employees
  • Matching employee donations
  • Over $72,000 was provided to charities via the Collective Kindness program in 2021/22, with an average donation of $14,000 per charity
  • Various ways for staff to give, including payroll giving and fundraising activities
  • Strong support by senior leaders and HR who promote the work of the program across the organisation


Catholic Church Insurance (CCI) is a 110-year-old insurance company, which operates across all Australian states.

Collective Kindness is a joint initiative with CCI’s charitable foundation, CCI Giving, who match donations. Both the program manager for CCI Giving, plus staff volunteers lead ‘Give Back Committee’ are integral to coordinating and promoting fundraising activities for Collective Kindness.

Four charity partners (National Homeless Collective, Wellsprings for Women, Friends with Dignity and Indigenous Literacy Foundation) were selected in the lead up to program launch in 2021 and have remained for this second year. It was decided that CCI would partner with charities for minimum 2 years, helping provide longer-term impact. At the end of the year partners shared updates on how the program has impacted their work which was shared with staff via email.

Various matched fundraising activities were run throughout the year, including a step challenge with entry fees donated to a one-off charity partner, Thread Together, in support of NSW flood victims. Not only did this activity successfully raise >$10,000 for charity, it was a fun and engaging activity for teams.

This year, CCI established a Donation function (using Raisely platform) via the organisations charitable foundation, CCI Giving. All donations made through this channel (staff and wider community) are matched by the foundation, then granted on a semi-regular basis to charity partners (as indicated by the donor).