Workplace Giving is a win-win-win for your organisation, employees and the causes you care about.

It’s a win for your organisation

A great Workplace Giving program equals a great workplace culture. Studies show that 81 per cent of respondents consider an organisation’s commitment to social issues when deciding where to work. A strong Workplace Giving program can help your business recruit the best and brightest in the field, improve staff retention, and lead to higher productivity and motivation. But don’t just take our word for it! Read success stories below from leading organisations that are part of the One Million Donors movement.

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It’s a win for your employees

Workplace giving is a simple and tax effective way for employees to give to the causes they care about. Studies show staff who feel they are contributing to the community feel more engaged in their workplace, and feel like they are making a collective impact on the causes that matter to them. In other words, to give is to engage. Employees feel a sense of pride and purpose when they know their organisation is making a difference in the community.[1] As opposed to waiting until the end of financial year, employees receive the immediate tax benefit.


It’s a win for the causes you care about

The benefits to charities are clear. Donations are deducted pre-tax, minimising administration costs and ensuring more money reaches the cause. In addition, often Workplace Giving funds are ‘untied’ which allows the charity to direct the funds to the area, which needs them most. Studies show workplace givers continue to do so for an average of eight to 10 years, creating a regular stream of income ensuring the charity can budget well in advance.

[1] Jennifer Mize Smith, ‘All Good Works Are Not Created Equal: Employee Sensemaking of Corporate Philanthropy’ (2012) 77(5) Southern Communication Journal 369, 380.

Find out why JB Hi-Fi Champions Workplace Giving


JB Hi-Fi is built on helping, helping our customers, helping each other and helping those less fortunate than ourselves via our Workplace Giving program. As one of my team said ‘you can’t help everyone but you can help someone.

Richard Murray, CEO, JB Hi-Fi

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