CEO, Philanthropy Australia

Jack has been CEO at Philanthropy Australia since January 2021 and a leader in the NFP sector for more than two decades. He founded youth mental health organisations in Australia, Ireland (with Jono Nicholas) and the United States. He led ReachOut Australia (then Inspire Foundation) for more than ten years and ReachOut USA from 2010-11 where he also served on the Executive Committee of the US National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention. From 2012 to 2020, Jack led the growth of the national mental health charity SANE Australia.

Jack sees philanthropy as a driving force for good at a time of huge societal challenges and diminished trust in institutions. He advocates for a philanthropy that is big-hearted, clear-headed and joyful and believes that, at its best, philanthropy can help transform lives and communities.

A graduate in Honours Arts and Law from the University of Melbourne, Jack has also taken executive courses at Harvard and Stanford universities.  Prior to entering the NFP sector, Jack served in Government as a diplomat, speechwriter and senior adviser to Federal Ministers, including Prime Minister Paul Keating.  Jack lives in Sydney with his publisher wife Catherine Milne.  They have two adult children, Lucy and Jamie, and schnoodle Fred.