Tomago Aluminium: Demonstrating the potential of workplace giving


An energetic program growing with stakeholders from a solid base. Impressive to see reach given the dispersed workforce. It is an enduring program that embraces continuous improvement evidenced by the recent merging of workplace giving programs.”


  • Building on a legacy of giving to create one unified offering that respects and invites employee choice
  • The Tomago Workplace Giving Fund has achieved a 64% participation and one of the highest annual donations of $188,240 since workplace giving (wpg) was first introduced in 1986
  • Program goals helped generate new ideas and innovation on how best to engage a diverse workforce, deeply connected to local community and with existing giving preferences
  • All new employees are automatically signed up to the fund when they sign their contract
  • The program has helped grow participation, attract new donors, increase existing donor amounts and company matching


  • Tomago Aluminium is an aluminium smelter in Newcastle that has been operating 24 hours a day since 1983. The company contributes $1.5 billion annually to the Australian economy, of which $800 million is spent locally. Tomago employs 950 staff (full-time equivalent) as well as 190 contractors.
  • The 2020 wpg campaign objective was to create a simple and effective system that centralised the various legacy wpg programs into a single fund.
  • The campaign was supported by the Tomago Management Team and was led by the Communications Advisor and Australian Workers Union Site Delegate.
  • All new employees starting at Tomago are given information about the Workplace Giving Fund during their new starter training and are automatically signed up to the fund when they sign their contract. However anyone can opt out or alter their donation amount at any point.
  • During the campaign, every employee received a personalised letter and flyer announcing the launch and were continuously encouraged to sign up or increase their amount through multiple communication channels including site-wide emails, their weekly newsletter, business magazine, posters and social media.
  • In addition to payroll donations, Tomago supported the community via skilled volunteering, donation matching, fundraising events and disaster/one off appeals. For example, during the 2020 bushfire season employees donated $25,000, which was matched by the business. Also employees who were RFS members were able to volunteer during their work hours to assist.
  • Wpg is embedded in Tomago’s culture and is communicated regularly throughout the year to staff. Charity partners are also invited to come on site and talk to employees and encourage sign ups.
  • Tomago’s wpg program and achievements are shared externally via customer newsletters, social media, company website, events and when advertising for new recruits.