The Good Guys


Gamification worked well to bring team leaders closer to the community outcomes needed that The Good Guys could help to achieve. Memorable and something that would be a talking point for those involved for a long time. Reduced the distance from the mission that sometimes comes with ‘just’ a donation.”


  • Amazing Race was an entertaining and educational concept for The Good Guys leadership to engage with their ‘Doing Good’ campaign, in turn building a deeper sense of loyalty and pride amongst employees.
  • Participation remains strong at 40%, there is a potential for stronger engagement, creating greater impact for charity partners.
  • The activity took advantage of the company’s conference to give leaders the opportunity to reconnect with their charity partners in a meaningful way, reinforcing the importance of impact and the power of collective giving.


  • The Good Guys is a national retailer of consumer goods, specialising in home appliances, visual and communications. The Good Guys has more than 100 store locations across Australia, national home distribution centres and national support office team, employing more than 3000 staff.
  • Their Amazing Race campaign established a stronger connection with charity partners and increased awareness around their charitable impact, which stimulated a more meaningful conversation within the workplace. The teams were required to complete challenges and check-in at 7 stations around each conference locations (VIC, NSW, WA, QLD). At the end of the race each participant had created “care packs”, which were presented to the selected charity partner by the winning teams. These care packs were tailored in consultation with charity partners.
  • The leaders learned more about the charities and their work which created an emotional connection between the activity and the impact of donations powerful. After receiving a positive event feedback, the program featured in monthly updates that were voluntarily shared by the managers and decided to include a learning module featuring Doing Good as a part of onboarding process.
  • Additionally, the Doing Good Committee was formed that consist of 14 passionate members across the business who ensure the program remains current and has a positive impact on the causes important to the team.