Superheroes Storm JB Hi-Fi: Stores to Support Kids with Cancer

From the judges, “This innovative campaign successfully engaged JB Hi-Fi staff at all levels, greatly increasing the value of support to Redkite.”

The ‘Be a Superhero for Kids with Cancer’ campaign was implemented by Redkite, which provides support to children and young people with cancer.  The campaign builds upon its Workplace Giving partnership with JB Hi-Fi, Australia’s largest electronics and entertainment retailer.

In addition to providing much needed funding for the charity, the campaign was designed to deepen JB Hi-Fi staff engagement with Redkite’s cause. The national footprint of JB Hi-Fi’s stores provided an ideal platform to increase brand awareness for Redkite and also promote JB Hi-Fi’s commitment to the community.

JB Hi-Fi ran a staff competition to design superhero-themed post cards, which were then sold nationally across its stores, with all proceeds going to Redkite.  At its area manager’s conference, the JB Hi-Fi exec team kicked off the campaign, dressing up in capes and masks. A leadership ‘champion’ in each State was nominated to drive the project.

Redkite distributed the campaign materials to all 180 stores across the country, phoning each to confirm delivery and to thank them in advance for their support.  The superhero theme was brought to life in-store with teams dressing up and designing their own posters, creating a fun atmosphere that promoted interactions between staff and customers.

To maintain momentum once the campaign was live, JB Hi-Fi used its social media platform Yammer to share information and photos within the national team, and in true JB style, to drive competition between stores. The strong level of company-wide support saw the 45,000 cards sell out in only three weeks, well before the expected campaign close date, with some stores selling laminated copies as customers were so keen to participate.

The Superhero card campaign generated $107,000, enabling Redkite to support 42 young people facing cancer with financial, emotional and practical assistance. The funds were specifically tied to helping teenagers and young people, as this resonated strongly with the demographic of JB Hi Fi team – young people helping young people.

The Superhero campaign is part of a six year old partnership between JB Hi-Fi and Redkite, which has raised over $1 million to date.