Strong communication & donation matching helps solve real world problems


“Giving Day is a positive innovation

with good outcomes.”


  • Queensland University of Technology (QUT) has a long history of workplace giving, having launched its program in 2006.
  • The ‘QUT Staff Giving Program’, chaired by the Executive Dean of the Faculty of Health, is instrumental in helping foster a culture of community, with staff across all campuses and facilities encouraged to contribute.
  • The program highlights inclusion – that every donation counts, making a real difference to the students, researchers and community groups supported by the program.
  • QUT matches all donations to the Learning Potential Fund and other scholarship programs. Additionally, it underwrites all fundraising activities, such as staff costs, stewardship activities and thank you gifts to donors.
  • During “Giving Day” 703 staff members made additional one-off donations.
  • A robust marketing plan, including updates, impact statements and acquisition techniques ensures the program is woven into all levels of staff communication. The activities often include an element of fun to enhance the experience.
  • The primary goal of the program is to provide staff with the opportunity to help change the world, whether that be changing the life of a student in need or enabling a researcher to find a cure for cancer.


  • Workplace giving participation: 15.2% of 3,900 staff
  • 100% of The Vice Chancellors Advisory Committee are active participants in the program
  • 22 student ambassadors / volunteers
  • Community Welfare Fund has distributed $357K in grants