Shining the light on workplace giving


Demonstrated a strong ability to showcase and communicate impact to donors and partners.”


  • As part of a 2017 review of its workplace giving offering ‘Wild at Work’, Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF) received feedback from employers that they wanted volunteer and team-building opportunities.
  • WWF also recognised that engaging staff through volunteering was a great way to stand out in the ‘open-choice’ programs run by many of its employer partners.
  • WWF decided to expand the ‘Solar Light Challenge’ (SLC) concept it had created for schools, to also include workplaces. The challenge involves assembling solar lights for children in Papua New Guinea, whilst providing meaningful lessons about renewable energy.
  • SLC was ideal for employers, offering a fundraising mechanism that is tangible, scalable, high impact and required minimal employer resources.
  • Building on the broad corporate support for WWF’s ‘Earth Hour’, businesses were challenged to build 250+ lights around March to coincide with the event. Employers received a pack with all the resources they needed to run team-building events to assemble the lights. An important element was a customised thank you video, which included workplace giving sign up steps specific to their organisation.
  • This innovative approach not only fulfilled employers’ desire for team experiences, but was also highly effective in boosting workplace giving donations.


  • 68% increase in workplace giving income
  • 3,471 lights sold to employers
  • Assembled lights will offset approximately 538,005 kgs of CO2
  • Engaged over 25 companies in climate change activities