Second Chance for Food at 7-Eleven


Drawing on each partners’ unique strengths to improve outcomes and streamline food distribution is an impressive collaboration.”


  • Food rescue charity SecondBite has secured a three year partnership with convenience retailer 7-Eleven that encompasses ‘Time, Treasure, Talent’.
  • In addition to receiving matched workplace giving donations and financial support from the business, the partnership enables SecondBite to access skilled volunteers from 7-Eleven to transform its supply chain and logistics, particularly improving its service to remote areas.
  • In return, SecondBite is helping the retailer minimise food waste from stores, provides meaningful volunteer activities and shares motivating stories from communities helped by the initiative.
  • The partnership took six-months to develop, including sessions with 7-Eleven’s CEO and leadership team members, to ensure it would address a significant problem and deliver maximum social impact.
  • As the partnership is still in an early phase, 7-Eleven is committed to driving staff support for it by regularly including SecondBite in team events and other internal communications activities.
  • Looking forward, SecondBite is excited about the prospect of connecting with 7-Eleven’s supplier base to increase the diversity of food it accesses.


  • Workplace giving participation: 6%
  • 10,000kg of food donated by 7-Eleven
  • 60 hours of volunteering in six months
  • 1,300 community food programs nationally