The Salvation Army: Delivering more through long-term funding

Without Workplace Giving, the Salvation Army would struggle to deliver many of its programs helping the most disadvantaged people and providing hope where it’s needed most.

Workplace Giving funds are relatively low cost to achieve and importantly are regular and consistent.

Jill Summers, Corporate Partnerships Manager, The Salvation Army

“This is particularly important when you are in the business of delivering services.  Ensuring we know what funding we can expect allows us to plan in terms of staffing and procurement of goods – whether this is in the areas of providing homeless accommodation or drought relief,” says Jill Summers, Corporate Partnerships Manager at The Salvation Army.

A vital fundraising stream

The work that The Salvation Army has done in the last year – such as providing 50,000 meals to the hungry each month, connecting with over 30,000 young people through our services and centres, or assisting over 4,000 people through our recovery services – is made easier through the generosity of everyday people who care enough to make a difference through regular Workplace Giving,” she says.

Her message to employers is that dedicating time and resources to getting a Workplace Giving program up and running is definitely worth it: “If we all make Workplace Giving a priority it will encourage the rest of Australia to realise its potential.”