Redkite: Get the Most from Workplace Giving Month

According to Redkite CEO, Jenni Seton, Workplace Giving Month, which is held every June, is a great opportunity to renew the passion and enthusiasm of your corporate partners.

Each year, Redkite – an Australian cancer charity providing essential support to children and young people (0–24 years) with cancer, and their families and the people who care for them – tailors its Workplace Giving approach to suit key partners.

During a recent Workplace Giving Month, existing partners were given a ‘Workplace Giving Month Toolkit’ to help inspire and engage their teams; new corporate partners were emailed The Australian Charities Fund video “How to Implement WPG”; and almost 5,000 people were reached with information through Facebook, LinkedIn and banner ads on the Redkite website.

Individually, they’re making a difference but collectively, they’re making a huge impact

Jenni Seton, CEO, Redkite

And the numbers prove it: “Since 2006, four and a half million dollars has been given through Workplace Giving and that equates to 2000 families being helped through their cancer journey.”

A real impact, on real lives

One of those children is Claire O’Connor, who at the age of four and a half was diagnosed with leukaemia. “The radiation treatment I had, targets the mathematical part of the brain so I was finding maths extremely hard. Redkite helped me very practically by providing maths tutoring.”

Jenni is pleased to report that after a very difficult cancer experience, Claire is now cancer free and is pursuing her dreams to be a pastry chef, again with Redkite’s support.

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