Mutual Trust


Clearly a successful launch refresh with a significant increase of 24% in participation reported, and a 90% retention rate. I liked the use of recorded messages from partners which are very powerful and can be easily shared among staff to increase participation.”


  • Significant increase in participation of 24% and over 90% retention rate.
  • Average annual donation per employee, $480
  • Staff Giving Champions help increase engagement in their respective teams
  • Regular and direct communications from the organisations they support has ensured retention is high, despite uncertain economic times.
  • The program has allowed the Royal Women’s to run the Cornelia Program which supports pregnant women escaping domestic violence.
  • Staff acknowledge the benefits to their corporate culture – they feel like they are working together to support a greater cause.


Mutual Trust is a multi-family office with approximately 200 employees, providing integrated wealth services to Australia’s most successful families, family businesses, trustees, not-for-profits and individuals.

Many employees have significant workloads, reducing their ability to seek out philanthropic opportunities that align with their values. To support them in their philanthropic journey, staff were consulted on what issues matter most to them, and organisations selected based on this criterea.

The philanthropy team alongside a team of staff giving champions played a key role in the design of their inaugural Mutual Trust Staff Giving Month in March 2022, which focussed on increasing the participation and awareness of payroll giving. Communications through the month included emails, in-person events and testimonials.

Through the collective efforts of payroll-giving, staff-led fundraising activities and shareholder support, they are on-track to increase contributions by 50% in the first year, bringing their goal of doubling donations closer. Since the relaunch, they have seen a considerable spike in payroll giving and program engagement.

It should be acknowledged that they also have a strong retention rate (above 90%) despite current economic instability. Philanthropy is a cornerstone of the Mutual Trust legacy, and their staff have demonstrated they would like to continue honouring that legacy through staff-led philanthropic efforts.