Macquarie Telecom: Increases Giving by Appealing to Emotion

From the judges, “The refresh campaign showed thoughtful planning and creative execution, as well as strong collaboration with its WPG partner.”

Macquarie Telecom’s Workplace Giving refresh increased giving through a creative campaign that reminded team members that they could give the ‘Gift of Reading’ to children in need by donating through the program.

United Way Australia, a not for profit social purpose organisation that helps children and young people in Australia, provided data that showed the telecommunications company that engagement in its Workplace Giving program was dwindling and could do with a  refresh. The organisations worked closely together to produce a two-week communications plan to re-invigorate Workplace Giving in a way that was consistent with Macquarie’s office culture and environment.  United Way produced a ‘campaign in a box’ including posters, email templates and personalised letters.

A champion was selected to lead the promotion in each office and a big barometer was placed in the head office to monitor progress. Photos of children were added to the barometer when donations were made.

During the campaign, a United Way team member spoke at a staff meeting, sharing a compelling story about the future for a child supported by Workplace Giving. To inspire staff, and to allow them to see first-hand one aspect of United Way’s work, each Macquarie Telecom team member was given a gift of a children’s book wrapped in a poem; a  call-to-action to join the Workplace Giving program was included.  Thank you emails and personalised cards were sent to donors. Finally, Macquarie Telecom offered to match one month’s donation to further incentivise staff.

The campaign resulted in a 29% increase in donations and the company now has 35% of its 350 strong workforce signed on.  With the extra funding generated through the campaign, United Way is able to support 18 additional children with books and learning resources to prepare them for a lifetime of success.