Listening to staff uplifts program


“Good research into other successful giving programs.”


  • The ‘PETstock Assist Team Giving Program’ was established in 2014 with 7.5% participation rate.
  • Originally the program had a single charity as the beneficiary. After listening to feedback from its employees, PETstock decided it was time for a change.
  • The team reviewed employee feedback, engaged with expert advice from and reviewed key learnings from award winning programs.
  • A key enhancement was expanding the offering to a selection of charity partners that take into account staff preferences and are aligned to the company’s overall vision.
  • The new strategy also improved community impact, included an updated vision and mission, and involved extending the program to New Zealand.
  • The relaunch has seen participation grow from 52% to 59% in four months.
  • Keys to success include enhanced charity relationships, increased team engagement and better alignment between the program and the business.
  • The renewed commitment to workplace giving is demonstrated in the company business plan where it is now featured as its own entity.



  • Workplace giving participation: 59.4% of 1,704 staff
  • 7.5% growth in four months since relaunch
  • Funds have supported training camps for PTSD teams at Assistance Dogs Australia
  • More than $10k a month being donated