JB Hi-Fi: Authentic & creative THANK YOU campaign


A standout application because of its thinking and heart. The employee, donor and partner care here show that all are critical to good, ongoing outcomes in wpg and to the important goals of retaining workplace givers and connecting them directly to the cause/s.”


  • A total of 26 store teams were involved in creating videos for this campaign in a time when they are busier than normal and focused on the impact of COVID
  • Helping Hands achieved a 1% increase in participation with 467 new team members giving to the program
  • An additional $8,477 (from new member donations and double matching from the organisation)
  • Showcased the work of charity partners across the JB Hi-Fi team in new and exciting ways


  • JB Hi-Fi is an Australian and New Zealand retailer of consumer goods, specialising in video games, electronics/hardware and home appliances. JB Hi-Fi has 200 store locations across Australia, employing more than 8,500 staff. Their Helping Hands workplace giving (wpg) program has sustained record levels of participation year on year.
  • The impact of COVID across the JB Hi-Fi business was felt most at store levels with team members working through complexities and fast paced change never before experienced. This required a rethink on the usual ‘ask’ often associated with Workplace Giving Month and instead the Helping Hands Committee said THANK YOU in a simple, clever and authentic way.
  • The campaign delivered weekly messages over the month of June. It commenced with a THANK YOU message from the Committee to wpg donors to celebrate another year of giving. Store teams were invited to create their own THANK YOU videos to acknowledge charity partners. The campaign concluded with video messages from charity partners to say THANK YOU to JB Hi-Fi team members for their years of giving.
  • Beyond the campaign connecting and engaging the JB Hi-Fi team during a particularly challenging period, it showcased the agility and resilience of their charity partners as they continued to deliver support through their important work. It helped connect charities with their donors in new ways.
  • The challenge for JB Hi-Fi became how to find a way to engage their team and promote the benefits of giving without expecting more from their already generous team members. They wanted to do something to celebrate wpg and engage their team in a very positive,
    fun and engaging way. The intention was to provide store and support office team members with a chance to pause and reflect on their own generous giving, and showcase the work of charity partners as they adapted to deliver their services.
  • Their THANK YOU campaign took into consideration all factors, both internal and external, likely to be impacting on their employees’ relationships with wpg in June 2020. Their campaign was run in-house with video content being created by stores on their phones and edited by their Training & Development Leader. Their charity partners also created video content internally, with a very specific brief to create something unique, simple and
    low-cost. This is authentic to JB Hi-Fi and reflects what their team and customers love about their brand.