Giving a Goodstart to life for children most in need


Used multiple channels to intellectually and emotionally engage team members in their mission.”


  • 36 children, who would have otherwise missed out, received scholarships to access high quality early learning, to ensure they are ready for school and life
  • “Giving@Goodstart” is part of the on-boarding of new staff, with all donations going to the Early Learning Fund (ELF)
  • Senior leaders support and champion the program


  • Goodstart Early Learning is a non-profit organisation committed to laying the foundation to better the lives of children through positive early learning experiences
  • Goodstart was established in 2010 by Social Ventures Australia, Mission Australia, The Benevolent Society and the Brotherhood of St Laurence, who saw the potential to transform early learning in Australia
  • The ELF was created in 2017 to support families and children unable to access government assistance for crucial early learning opportunities
  • The Giving@Goodstart workplace giving program was created to support the ELF program and to provide team members with a program that resonated with them intellectually and emotionally, while being easy to understand and join
  • The CEO, board, and directors, who had experience in promotion and new campaigns, were invaluable to the launch of Giving@Goodstart
  • The launch of Giving@Goodstart involved passionate speeches from the leadership team, with the CEO signing up for the scheme on camera. It also featured impactful videos of the families who had most benefited from the ELF
  • Immediately after the launch, all 15,000 Goodstart employees received an email communication, which included a video from the CEO and a link to the sign on form
  • The campaign also included reminder emails, an intranet portal, messages through payslips and the use of internal communication channels
  • In under 12 months, 1500 weekly contributors joined the program and raised $50,000 for the ELF
  • The number of employees joining Giving@Goodstart continues to grow. It will  increase over the next 12 months as communication of the program is entwined into the organisation’s tenth birthday celebrations