Gold Coast Hospital Foundation (GCHF)


A great campaign, driven by sound logic and a compelling case for support within the Hospital. Strategy and leadership engagement were strong, and staff engagement methods were practical and effective. Great emotional connection for team members.”


  • The goal given by the CEO of Gold Coast Hospital Health Service was to have 10% of its 8,945 team members signed up to WPG by July 2021
  • The target was smashed with 942 team members participated in WPG by July 2021
  • 35 new signups came from the Nursing Graduate orientation program
  • A three-phase strategy was employed to gain awareness in the Foundation’s WPG program across the Health Service – activation, gamification and reward/recognition
  • A comprehensive communication plan was developed involving the Health Service’s Human Resources and Marketing team
  • WPG growth helped to fill the overall fundraising shortfall created by Covid-19


Gold Coast Hospital Foundation (GCHF) raises funds to support children and adults suffering hardship caused by illness and injury.  Improving care and patient outcomes through the provision of support services, purchase of medical equipment, establishment of nursing scholarships and funding hospital based medical research.

The hospital’s marketing team designed an online sign-up form accessible on the hospital intranet.  An excellent communication campaign was launched and the Health Service CEO was incredibly supportive, sending a message to all health staff encouraging them to get involved with WPG.  They used team member testimonials and stories in departmental newsletters across the Health service, espousing the benefit of getting involved in WPG.

The gamification phase of the program created a competitive element between August and September 2020.  Every new sign-up went into the draw to win 2,500 Kit-Kats (that were donated) and all current and new sign-ups went into another draw to win a Garmin watch.  The winners were celebrated encouraging others to join.

GCHF has been very happy to share its strategy with other hospital foundations in a bid to see them grow their programs.