Outstanding result from a well-thought through concept. Fantastic engagement from the leadership team and sustained growth in giving. A great model that others could adopt.”


  • During December 2020, EnergyAustralia pledged to triple match the donations from team members who joined the WPG program or increased their pledge
  • A fun creative campaign was launched to coincide with the festive season and a time when team members were more receptive to giving
  • The senior leadership team was front and centre in this campaign as was their personal commitment to ‘have fun’
  • Program participation – employees giving for the first time – increased by 2 per cent and 20 per cent of existing donors were motivated to increase their regular weekly donations
  • The campaign helped boost overall donations by 27 per cent for its charity partners


  • EnergyAustralia is a leading energy retailer and generator with more than 2.4 million customer accounts across eastern Australia. 2300 team members are located in offices and energy sites in metro Melbourne and regional locations in Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales.
  • The WPG program is led from the top and support and leadership from executives was a key feature of this campaign, which had the goal of boosting participation and encouraging staff to increase their donation amounts.  EnergyAustralia recognised the potential to drive program participation through the festive season when people feel more inclined to be generous.
  • The Christmas Campaign was all about engagement using a range of visual assets and communication channels to reflect the diverse nature, location and demographic of the workforce.
  • A virtual Christmas tree featured baubles to promote the program’s charity partners. Every time a new donor joined, or an existing donor increased their pledge, they would be sent a virtual bauble to celebrate their donation.
  • Staff and teams were incentivised to join knowing that every 10 per cent lift in program participation would result in the Managing Director and executives dressing in festive costumes for the work day including all internal and external meetings.
  • This unique campaign sparked a connection at all levels of the organisation and led to a sustained uplift in program participation and donations. It helped connect all staff, regardless of their role and location in the spirit of giving.