Chartered Accountants: A Positive Impact on Work Culture

At Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand, Pamela Lee believes workplace giving has had a ripple effect across the organisation and society. “It makes a positive impact on our culture, particularly staff retention and attracting the best and brightest talent,” she says, before adding: “It brings our values to life by providing leadership and educating and championing positive outcomes for our society.”


The Community Investment Relationship Manager says allowing employers to create a program that suits their business needs is key to a successful program. “After reflecting on the nature of our organisation, we designed a program that enables us to support social causes through funding, skill and resource sharing.”

Let your company stand out

Workplace Giving enhances the Chartered Accountants’ reputation, giving a competitive edge over other organisations. “Through workplace giving, we are harnessing the collective power of the organisation, its workforce and broader member networks to support social issues through sustainable giving strategies.”

Staff engagement is increased because our team know they are contributing to the community. We promote our workplace giving program as part of our employee value proposition.

Pamela Lee, Community Investment Relationship Manager, Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand

Pamela wants to see one million donors participating in Workplace Giving by 2020. “It is a win-win situation for the charities. It is a very cost effective way of raising funds and it is a relatively simple process for employees.”