Bringing technology and fun to sick kids


Contributing technology and entertainment to a children’s hospital is a really innovative approach drawing on Events’ strengths.”


  • Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation (SCHF) raises funds to help sick kids at various sites across Sydney.
  • It began a relationship with Australia’s premier cinema and hotel group Event Hospitality and Entertainment (EVENT) in 2011, as a partner on its STRETCH workplace giving program.
  • Young people, technology, innovation and fun are at the heart of the partnership and provide a clear direction for its strategy.
  • Crucial to the success of the program is a complete ‘donor journey’ which enables workplace givers to see where their money is allocated, and keeps them informed, engaged and enthused.
  • Donors are also able to take part in volunteering opportunities and fundraising events.
  • The partnership plan is distributed throughout both organisations so that the joint vision and shared values are integrated into the wider operation.
  • EVENT brings its expertise in technology and fun to areas of need within the hospitals. For example, funding a Surgical Room with interactive technology that has transformed a functional area into one that captures the imagination of young people and allows them to have a fun experience in their surgery journey.
  • The partners plan to continue their year-on-year increase in the number of staff donating through the program.


  • Workplace giving participation: 41% of 7,000 staff
  • Partners since 2011
  • Over $400k donated through workplace giving to date
  • Bi-monthly communications between partners