BOC team members ‘fly the kite’ with family and friends to support Redkite


This innovation empowered staff, engaged senior leaders and supported their charity partner.”


  • $2 million donated to Redkite over 20 years of partnership
  • $30,000 raised through one ‘Kitetime’ initiative in April 2019
  • Kitetime has been running since 2009


  • BOC, a subsidiary of Linde plc, is a supplier of compressed and bulk gases, chemicals and equipment. BOC empowered staff to take time off with family and friends to support charity partner Redkite
  • With a diverse workforce located across many different sites, BOC face the challenge of engaging staff with charity partners and providing a strong sense of community for the causes
  • BOC developed Kitetime, which offer staff the opportunity to take leave (between two and eight hours) and donate the annual leave pay for these hours to Redkite
  • 25 staff site champions volunteered to drum up support for the 2019 campaign
  • Senior leaders promoted Kitetime during quarterly town hall meetings
  • April was chosen as the month for the Kitetime campaign as it’s a month with a large amount of public holidays. This made the program accessible to staff
  • During Kitetime month, BOC hosted ‘Red Day’ where staff were encouraged to creatively express their interpretation of Redkite with the added opportunity to win prizes
  • To engage staff that were unable to take leave, a raffle was promoted with the opportunity to win leave and other prizes meaningful to the BOC team
  • A drawing and photo competition was also run during Kitetime month to further engage staff and bring greater awareness about Redkite their families
  • BOC shared the concept with the workplace giving network and encourages other organisations to take up Kitetime to support Redkite