Bain & Company: The Potential to Transform Society

A track record of results in the community is as important to Bain & Company as a track record of results with its clients, and Workplace Giving fits with that goal. “Social impact at Bain is core to our values and our culture. Workplace Giving engages people, and connects them to the community and charities we are supporting,” says Managing Partner, David Zehner.

Zehner says it’s not only Bainees who can be proud of the program, but clients. “Ultimately our business is about trust and the relationships we have with our clients. They see our culture and feel our values,” he says.

To date, Bain & Company’s Workplace Giving program has contributed more than $1 million to its charity partners.  For two years now, the organisation has automatically included new staff in the program – a process known as opt-out.

Opt-out Process is a Game Changer

“Opt-out has been a game-changer for our program,” says Zehner. “Of course our people have every right to not be part of the program and are not pressured to join. But for those who do, we see a commitment to giving and they feel a sense of ownership over the program.”

We now have well over 50 per cent of our staff involved in the program and my goal is to reach 100 per cent of us giving. I’m enormously proud of my team and its commitment to the community.

David Zehner, Managing Partner, Bain and Company

Bain & Company believes reaching one million donors is an achievable goal.

“I would actually like to see two, three, five million! Philanthropy and Workplace Giving has the potential to transform society,” says Zehner. “We have tremendous opportunity to make a difference and I encourage other business leaders to establish a Workplace Giving program.”