Bain & Company dare to be different


Competitive, fun and engages staff at all levels.”


  • 60% of staff participate in “Dare Month” across Australia
  • $20,000 was raised in 2019 over the month
  • Exciting, fun and engages staff across functions, levels and the country
  • Builds awareness and interest in staff giving


  • Bain & Company, a leading global management consulting firm, is committed to giving back to the community
  • Seeking innovative and engaging ways to raise money for charity partners that results in excitement and high participation rates, Dare Month was established and runs for one month each year
  • The Australian Practice dares colleagues to do funny things and activities for a price. The good will and enthusiasm around the dares spreads throughout the firm resulting in money being raised for charity
  • Dares are often tailored to particular cause areas (e.g. to raise money for WWF, staff were dared to paint their faces like a cat for a day)
  • Dares are completed when the nominated amount of money has been raised. To assist with building momentum, dares happen throughout the month
  • How Dare Month works:
    • An email is sent to the office with a dare and a cash value – counter dares are accepted
    • The Dare Month committee prepares some dares in advance, but others are organic and are driven by the staff
    • All dares are vetted to adhere to professional standards
    • Committee confirms donations and tracks participation
    • Donations are processed by the payroll team
  • Team members are able to decline the dares but this rarely happens
  • All levels of staff get involved including the leadership team
  • There’s an emphasis on fun and Dare Month helps builds awareness of staff giving