Bain & Company: A clear goal to be one of the top 5


A focused and strategic campaign. Communication was also highly strategic using the influence of peers and an authentic expression of impact.”


  • Achieved top 5 status with a company-wide workplace giving participation rate of 72%
  • 99% of the senior leadership team involved
  • Very high average annual donation amount per employee of $660
  • Workplace giving (wpg) has become part of the Bain DNA


  • Bain & Company is a global management consulting firm. The firm is located in 59 offices across 37 countries. In Australia, Bain has offices located in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth and has 320 staff.
  • In 2019, staff participation was 57%. In 2019, a goal was set to be one of the top 5 programs in the country.
  • A committee of volunteers across the firm developed a plan, which was endorsed by their Managing Partner.
  • The strategy involved analysing what percentage of staff at different levels were giving, engaging champions across every level of seniority and at every office location, and executing a multi-faceted communications campaign.
  • Refresh relied on four key principles; 1-on-1 communications, building awareness with ongoing reinforcement of key messages, leveraging key
    moments of change within the business (e.g. promotions periods), continue to leave staff the choice of how to spend their money.
  • The focus of the communications campaign was as much on delivery of the message as on the message itself. They wanted to present wpg as the default mindset, rather than a potential add-on. They also ensured that everyone in the firm heard the message by sharing it at all face-to-face staff meetings and communicating through a variety of channels including:
    – Digital messages on TV screens in all offices
    – Messages in the weekly firm-wide newsletter
    – Charity messages and profiles on their internal workplace social media platform