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Loved the creativity and fun of this concept…it combined the challenge of engaging staff during Covid and clear retention of a giving culture.”


  • Very high staff participation – 70%
  • Very high average annual donation per employee – $660
  • Total WPG contribution of over $150,000 per year from 300 team members
  • In addition to payroll giving donations, $50,000 raised from Dare Month
  • Success factors on show – strong leadership, fun and creativity, a Count Me In approach to signing on staff, excellent celebration of success and growth, strong buy-in from all offices across the country.


Every year, the Bain team implements a powerful fundraising initiative known as ‘Dare Month’. This creative, fun and innovative fundraising campaign sees Bain team members challenging their colleagues to complete Dares in exchange for pledged donations. What made Dare Month 2020 & 2021 different was COVID-19 and the need to do all Dares in a hybrid virtual environment. However, the team rose to the challenge and turned a negative experience into a positive one. For each Dare, employees used their WFH backdrop to challenge or complete dares that they would have not been able to pre-COVID (e.g. completing choreographed TikTok dance routines with their young children, recreating photos from their childhood, wearing activewear all week long).

In addition to Dare Month, the Bain team hosted hybrid brownbag ‘lunch & learns’, where presenters from charity partners attended a virtual team meeting to discuss recent projects or upcoming meetings.

Bain’s commitment to keeping its WPG program fresh and engaging was obvious despite the challenges of everyone working from home.