Australia Post Delivers Success

From the judges: “Good growth in participation rate.”

Over the past year, Australia Post has undertaken a refresh of its Workplace Giving Program, with a major overhaul to move the program to a convenient online platform, Good2Give.

Key to the program’s success, is strong advocacy and support from Australia Post’s executive team, with tangible company endorsement shown through donation matching of up to $200 per person each year, fundraising events and one-off appeals. An equivalent full time staff member is dedicated to managing and optimising the program by working with key parts of the business to drive communications campaigns and supporting the administration and reporting of the program.

A Workplace Giving Month campaign in June included an additional $100 matching amount per person (during that month), proving to be a popular incentive that was promoted through an internal
communications campaign.

The program renewal has generated outstanding results amongst the national workforce of over 35,000 staff. Participation in Workplace Giving has increased from 3.4% to 7.5% over the last 12 months, with matched donations from more than 2,700 staff resulting in $700,000 being distributed to over 330 charities.

Australia Post covers all costs of administering the program, ensuring 100% of this money has gone straight to the community. Australia Post continuously reviews and adjusts the program,
with the opportunity for employees to contribute to accessing the performance through ongoing staff surveys. There are plans to trial digital initiatives that will further leverage the online Workplace Giving platform.

Looking forward, Australia Post will be driving greater and participation in Workplace Giving through the Christmas Spirit of Giving campaign and deeper integration into existing enterprise
health and safety campaigns.