Organisational philanthropy with workplace giving at the core


APT Travel Group has built a strong program, with no budget, through strong leadership support that has helped shift company culture.”


  • 5% of staff signed up to payroll giving in the first three weeks of the program
  • Engaged staff in the choice of 13 charities to support
  • 91% of staff indicated, via a staff survey, that it was important to work for a company that supported charity
  • As a launch promotion, supported triple matching for the first three months of a team member’s sign up then continued to match dollar for dollar
  • Company owners, CEO and leadership team publically support the program


  • APT Travel Group is a global family owned travel company with 420 staff
  • Previously workplace giving consisted of staff driven fundraisers and volunteering. Payroll giving was launched in August 2019 and was a new offering for staff
  • The ‘OneTomorrow Charitable Fund’ was established. A dedicated role was created to help shape and drive greater levels of giving from both staff and customers
  • It was a priority to establish workplace giving. The program now forms part of an organisation-wide philanthropic program, consisting of company giving, staff giving and client giving
  • Since launch, there has been a noticeable change in the company culture with greater interest in volunteering opportunities and conversations around how the company can contribute more to the community
  • Due to time and budget constraints, screensavers were used across the company and an advertisement was placed on the intranet encouraging all staff to attend the launch event. The co-owner of APT Travel circulated an email pre-event encouraging staff to attend the launch
  • Over 180 employees attended the launch event. Paper forms, that had a strong call to action, were handed out with a Lindt chocolate incentive.  The triple matching campaign was announced and several charity partners shared the potential impact this program could have on their organisation
  • The launch event was followed by an email from the CEO thanking staff and also encouraging them to sign up to giving in the afternoon
  • The workplace giving committee wore branded shirts with the foundation logo to increase exposure