A better future through education


”Impact demonstrated for both employees and partners, including independent evaluation.”


  • Energy provider, Origin, launched the Origin Foundation in 2010. The focus on education was chosen by Origin’s employees.
  • The Foundation runs a grants program, volunteering program and matches employee donations.
  • In 2017-18, volunteering participation increased from 19% to 29%, contributing over 8,000 hours and 1,500 volunteering opportunities.
  • Key to program success is alignment with the Foundation’s focus on education and Origin’s corporate purpose and values.
  • Involvement in volunteering is driven through digital channels, leader-driven advocacy and word-of-mouth. Staff access volunteering opportunities through an online portal. Endorsed volunteer leave is unlimited.
  • Employees are encouraged to share their experiences through internal social media channels, building internal advocacy.
  • Through newly introduced programs, volunteers and Australian students assemble solar lights and prosthetic limbs for developing countries. 96% of students rated these lessons as ‘life-changing’ or ‘valuable’.
  • Volunteers support a range of face-to-face and online educational programs, through Beacon Foundation, AIME, CSIRO and the Gawura School where Origin volunteers read with Indigenous students who may not have the opportunity to read with an adult at home.


  • 29.7% of 5,200 staff participated in volunteering (2017-18)
  • Staff who participate have a 5% higher engagement level
  • Inspired over 2,500 school students in 2017/18
  • 81% of charity partners find the volunteering beneficial