70’S mojo delivering fun& competition


’Frequent Giving Frenzy’ was a good campaign and I particularly enjoyed the outcomes video.”


  • Flight Centre Travel Group (FCTG), one of the world’s largest travel companies, established its workplace giving program in 2008 and saw the program quickly take flight.
  • Flight Centre Foundation coordinates all community activity, including workplace giving (WPG). The program includes best practice features ‘opt-out’ for all new starters and a champion network and utilises a bespoke in-house loyalty program to drive sign-ups.
  • Realising WPG participation had plateaued at 30%, FCTG decided to relaunch the offering in April 2018 with a ‘Frequent Giving Frenzy’ week of intense promotion.
  • A funky, unique look was given to the high impact campaign so that it would cut-through the daily noise of communication.
  • Channeling the 1970s, it drew inspiration from the TV ads of the period, including bad hair, flares and disco soundtracks.
  • Key stakeholders, from senior leaders to charity champions, were involved in the production.
  • The fun and engaging campaign included videos, flyers, daily emails and charity partner pop-ups.
  • KPIs were published to track progress and promote competition through an internal communications platform.
  • Momentum from the campaign carried over into June where FCTG achieved its goal of 35% participation in workplace giving.



  • Workplace giving participation: 35% of more than 9,000 staff
  • 455 additional donors from the relaunch
  • An extra $140,000 (including matching) donated annually
  • Increased engagement with the ‘Frequent Giver’ loyalty program