Group Manager, Policy Office, Department of Social Services

Dr Reddel has been Group Manager of the Policy Office in the Department of Social Services (DSS) since July 2016, leading the Department’s policy, research and evaluation strategies, policy evidence capacity and the implementation of the Priority Investment Approach to Welfare.

Prior to his appointment to the Policy Office,
Dr Reddel was Group Manager in DSS’s Program Office from December 2013, leading the Department’s grant program reform agenda including program broadbanding, improved performance reporting and whole of government initiatives. Dr Reddel joined the Australian Public Service in 2010 as Deputy Coordinator General for Remote Indigenous Services where he provided strategic advice on monitoring and driving service delivery outcomes for the 29 Indigenous communities under the Remote Service Delivery National Partnership Agreement.

Dr Reddel has also worked in a range of senior executive roles in the Queensland public service, the community services sector and academia including leading and Australian Research Council funded project into social inclusion and place management from 2000 until 2004. He has an extensive background in public policy, including Indigenous affairs, community planning and social policy development.

Dr Reddel has written numerous research articles and papers, including in the Australian Journal of Public Administration, the Australian Journal of Social Issues and the International Journal of Urban and Regional Research.  He has also co-edited a book, Community and Local Governance in Australia published by UNSW Press in 2005. Since November 2016,
Dr Reddel is also an Adjunct Professor, Cities Research Centre at Griffith University in recognition of his leadership and standing in the field of public policy.

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