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Workplace Giving Matters

“I would encourage everybody to embrace workplace giving and to introduce their own programs.”
The Hon. Malcolm Turnbull, MP
Former Prime Minister of Australia
“Donations from workplace givers are a great source of funding.  Small regular gifts have a cumulative effect. It is this type of regular giving that helps to build a sustainable funding base for charities.”
Dr Lisa O’Brien
CEO, The Smith Family
“I want our staff to feel part of JB Hi-Fi, and workplace giving ticks so many boxes around engagement, morale and culture, it really anchors how we communicate with our employees.”
Richard Murray
CEO, JB Hi-fi
“If charities could just channel energy and resources into direct care, you would achieve so much more with each dollar. workplace giving is amazing in that it doesn’t take any effort from the donor and it’s a relatively easy process for the companies to implement.”
Richard Mussell
President, Animal Welfare League Australia
“CEOs will see the benefits of contributing to the community through enhanced staff engagement and a workforce that is proud of their employer.”
Andrew Bassat
CEO and Co-Founder, SEEK
“I understand how many sausage sizzles it takes to raise $1,000. workplace giving allows charities to plan from a regular and reliable source of income which is invaluable.”
Troy Longworth
Staff Community Fund Manager,
Commonwealth Bank
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All the resources you need for a great workplace giving program.

The Case for workplace giving

Find out why workplace giving is a win-win-win for businesses, employees and charities.

Toolkit for Employers

Keen to participate in workplace giving, but don’t have a program yet? Need to refresh an existing program? Download practical resources here.

Who's Involved?

Meet the employers and charities that are already involved with One Million Donors.

About One Million Donors

Our goal is a social movement of Australians giving to charity through their workplace. Are you on board yet?

Information for Employees

Be a champion for change in your workplace. Why your organisation needs a workplace giving program.

Information for Charities

Top tips for charities to maximise fundraising through workplace giving and to form strong corporate partnerships.


Measure your program performance against industry trends.

Average Participation

Business Market Segment

Most Engaged Business Segment

Micro Enterprises

*Micro: <$2mil turnover/yr; SME :$2mil - $250mil turnover/yr; Large: >$250mil turnover/yr

Average Annual Donation per Employee

*These charts are based on most recent ATO data.

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News & Updates

Winners announced for the 2019 Workplace Giving Excellence Awards

Case Study

King & Wood Mallesons DigDeep® – working to reduce inequality and poverty
Best Overall Program - Gold
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Case Study

Commitment and a default participation creates engagement and impact
Best Overall Program - Silver
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Case Study

JB Hi-Fi has an unwavering commitment to workplace giving and its charity partners
Best Overall Program - Bronze
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Case Study

Keeping Helping Hands fresh through innovation & meaningful partnerships
Most Unique Innovation - Gold
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Case Study

Bain & Company dare to be different
Most Unique Innovation - Silver
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Case Study

BOC team members ‘fly the kite’ with family and friends to support Redkite
Most Unique Innovation - Bronze
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Case Study

Commitment to encourage businesses to prioritise workplace giving
Most Unique Innovation - Highly Commended
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Case Study

Drought relief program initiated by staff giving
Most Innovative Charity / Employer Partnership - Gold
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Case Study

Innovation and strong leadership supports expansion and growth
Most Innovative Charity / Employer Partnership - Silver
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Case Study

Ending energy poverty together through solar lighting
Most Innovative Charity / Employer Partnership - Bronze
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Case Study

Migrants and refugees benefit from mentoring and entrepreneurship
Most Innovative Charity / Employer Partnership - Bronze
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